January 31, 2023

Plus Size Underwear

Plus size women's underwear & bras

Let’s face it: We spend so much time putting our everyday outfits together and reading up on and shopping the latest fashion trends that lingerie seldom gets a look in. When you’re pushed for time in a morning, those final five minutes before you rush out the door (or to your home office if that’s still the case for you) are typically dedicated to final applications of makeup or choosing which shoes go best with the rest of your ensemble. More often than not, underwear is an afterthought. But that shouldn’t be the case. 

Like with every other garment or accessory we wear, there are trends worth paying attention to. After all, as satisfying as it is to know that you’re killing it in the outfit department, isn’t it even more satisfying to secretly know that your underwear is equally on point? That underneath your clothes, your foundations make you feel great about yourself? We certainly think so, which is why we took it upon ourselves to reach out to lingerie experts to find out which lingerie trends think will be big news in 2022. Our impressive line-up included Nudea CEO and founder Priya Downes, Dora Larsen founder Georgia Larsen, and Womanhood head buyer Ella Brewer, and we were pleasantly surprised at how in sync they were with their predictions.


So whether you’re looking to refresh your underwear drawer or are keen to start the new season on a confident high, scroll on to see the lingerie trends to bookmark in 2022.


“One thing I would hope for in 2022 is that women and brands would see that comfort and sexy aren’t at the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to lingerie and realise they can go hand in hand,” says Brewer. “I think the rise of mesh lingerie is showing that women and brands are realising this. Day-to-night dressing is something you can do with your work clothes but also with your underwear, guys!” Larsen shares this sentiment, as she has noticed comfort has become a key consideration for her stylish clientele. “For the current season, we’ve seen a massive uplift in customers wanting natural fabrics, notably organic cotton,” enlightens Larsen. “People aren’t willing to sacrifice comfort anymore and are specifically after styles that look good, flatter and are in comfortable, natural fabrics.”

“Comfort is key,” reiterates Downes. “The trend for non-wired support continues to grow in popularity and is no longer restricted to smaller busts—we’re seeing bralette styles for all. We launched Nudea’s fuller-bust bralette, The Easy Does It F+ (£42), this year in response to customer demand for larger sizes of our best seller.”