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As Zachary explained, “Despite women wearing pants for decades at this point, they still maintain this idea of power, of independence, control over your body. It can still be viewed as a very feminist statement, to this day.”

She brought up Lady Gaga’s decision to wear an oversized Marc Jacobs suit for the Elle’s annual Women in Hollywood celebration in 2018. Her decision to wear the suit was an act of self-empowerment, or as Zachary called it, “a feminist statement.”

“As a sexual assault survivor by someone in the entertainment industry, as a woman who is still not brave enough to say his name, as a woman who lives with chronic pain, as a woman who was conditioned at a very young age to listen to what men told me to do, I decided today I wanted to take the power back,” Gaga told the crowd as she accepted an award. “Today I wear the pants.”

Pants and pantsuits seem increasingly popular among women in Hollywood, who wear them for major red carpets and film premieres. They’re also popular among female politicians, like Hillary Clinton, whose crisp suits were a major talking point during her presidential campaign in 2016. Suits also proved to be a major trend for women on the recent fall 2019 runways, showing up at every major show from Balmain to Givenchy to Thom Browne.

From the early bloomers to today’s modern suits, pants have provided women with a huge sense of freedom, Idacavage said. Practically, they allowed for increased mobility and functionality. Symbolically, “pants can be seen as the material manifestation of women’s desires to have different lives during times when they were greatly oppressed,” she added.

Pants alone can’t and didn’t give women greater lives, but their associations with masculine authority encouraged many women to make changes, Idacavage said.

She continued, “It’s important to remember just how important clothes are to how we view ourselves, which means that the power that some women have felt from wearing pants in certain cultural contexts should not be underestimated no matter how banal the act may seem today.”

Two spring seasons after re-emergence and it’s clear, hemlines have risen, miniskirt outfits proliferated and the micro trend has gained legs, literally. And if showing skin is in, you’ll be happy to hear that everyone from Dior and Prada, to Versace has given us options to show some leg. Of course, you can’t think of miniskirts without referencing Miu Miu’s internet-breaking micro-mini, which was made up of classic workwear fabrics that had been cut low at the hips and high at the thighs. There was no shortage of abbreviated hemlines in the spring 2022 collections, earning the miniskirt the title of silhouette of the season.

And while the miniskirt has a history with all kinds of fashion tropes from prep school to punk to ’60s mod style, let The Get be your guide to styling the modern-day miniskirt for 2022. In 8 shoppable looks, stylist Jasmine Hassett and photographer Tess Ayano captured some of our favorite minis as seen on model Sherry Shi. All hail the miniskirt!

Skirt Suit Up!

So long to stuffy pencil skirts or stiff midi skirt suits, colorfully coordinated jackets and short skirt combos have entered the chat—and they mean business. Take your pick from an array of vibrant colored sets from Dior’s spring collection.